Friday, October 8, 2010


Full disclosure, neither the GOP or the Tea Party put me up to this. I'm not a compensated pundit. I simply loathe and detest 0bamacare with the scalding white hot intensity of 10,000 suns going supernova at the same time....not only for what it contained, but how it was rammed through Congress by a narrow margin and it's backers subsequent crowing about how this was the will of the people. Not only that, the architects and people who signed off on this costly monstrosity thought we, the American people, were so stupid that we'd forget about it completely in a month or two [altho' to be fair, we did have that Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion and spill that the Administration handled so marvelously to distract us from HR 3590 and the wonderful economy- NANESB!].

Well, guess again, suckas...

In one sense, the Republican leadership was correct last year in that Healthcare would be 'Obama's Waterloo'. The White House and Democrat-controlled House and Senate won that particular battle, but as any objective poll would indicate, at a very steep price that they're paying right now.

This is a list of those in the House of Representatives who voted in favor of putting more government between Americans and their healthcare providers (some actually had the unmitigated gall to claim they did so as fiscal conservatives) About two afternoons of diving through various websites and archives was the end result of this comprehensive list. This was put together with the help of readily available information at The Washington Post, Cook Political Report and 40 seats (and this actually would've been up sooner if Cook didn't have a doozy of an update today). Races I felt would be competitive with 25 days left are in bold or itlaics.

So without any further ado, I present 'The List':

Obamacare Voter (District)/Opponent/District Rating

Ackerman (NY-5)/ James Milano/ Solid D

Andrews (NJ-1)/ Dale Glading/ Solid D

Baca (CA-43)/ Scott Folkens/ Solid D

Baldwin (WI-2)/ Chad Lee /Solid D

Bean (IL-8)/ Joe Walsh/ Likely D

Becerra (CA-31)/ Stephen C Smith/ Solid D

Berkley (NV-1)/ Kenneth Wegner/ Solid D

Berman (CA-28)/ Erik Merlin Froyd/ Solid D

Sanford Bishop (GA-2)/ Mike Keown/ Leaning D

Tim Bishop (NY-1)/ Randy Altschuler/ Leaning D

Blumenauer (OR-3)/ Delia Lopez/ Solid D

Boccieri (OH-16)/ Jim Renacci/ Toss Up

Boswell (IA-3)/ Brad Zaun/ Toss Up

Boyd (FL-2)/ Steve Southerland/ Toss Up

Robert Brady (PA-1)/ unopposed/ Solid D

Braley (IA-1)/ Ben Lange/ Solid D

Brown (FL-3)/ Mike Yost/ Solid D

G.K. Butterfield (NC-1)/ Ashley Woolard/ Solid D

Capps (CA-23)/ Tom Watson/ Solid D

Capuano (MA-8)/ unopposed/ Solid D

Cardoza (CA-18)/ Mike Berryhill/ Likely D

Carnahan (MO-3)/ Edward R Martin/ Likely D

Carney (PA-10)/ Tom Marino/ Toss Up

Carson (IN-7)/ Marvin Scott/ Solid D

Castor (FL-11)/ Mike Prendergrast/ Solid D

Chu (CA-32)/ Ed Schmerling/ Solid D

Clarke (NY-11)/ Hugh Carr/ Solid D

Clay (MO-1)/ Robyn Hamlin/ Solid D

Cleaver (MO-5)/ Jacob Turk/ Solid D

Clyburn (SC-6)/ Jim Pratt/ Solid D

Cohen (TN-9)/ Charlotte Bergmann/ Solid D

Connolly (VA-11)/ Keith Fimian/ Leaning D

Conyers (MI-14)/ Don Ukrainec/ Solid D

Cooper (TN-5)/ David Hall/ Solid D

Costa (CA-20)/ Andy Vidak/ Leaning D

Costello (IL-12)/ Teri Newman/ Solid D

Courtney (CT-2)/ Janet Peckinpaugh/ Solid D

Crowley (NY-7)/ Kenneth Reynolds/ Solid D

Cuellar (TX-28)/ Bryan Underwood/ Solid D

Cummings (MD-7)/ Frank Mirabile/ Solid D

Dahlkemper (PA-3)/ Mike Kelly/ Leaning R

Davis (CA-53)/ Micheal Crimmins/ Solid D

Davis (IL-7)/ Mark Weiman/ Solid D

DeFazio (OR-4)/ Art Robinson /Solid D

DeGette (CO-1)/ Mike Fallon/ Solid D

DeLauro (CT-3)/ Jerry Labriola/ Solid D

Dicks (WA-6)/ Doug Cloud/ Solid D

Dingell (MI-15)/ Rob Steele/ Solid D

Doggett (TX-25)/ Donna Campbell/ Solid D

Donnely (IN-2)/ Jackie Walorski/ Leaning D

Doyle (PA-14)/ Melissa Haluszczak/ Solid D

Driehaus (OH-1)/ Steve Chabot /Leaning R

D. Edwards (MD-4)/ Robert Broadus/ Solid D

Ellison (MN-5)/ Joel Demos/ Solid D

Engel (NY-17)/ York Kleinhandler/ Solid D

Eschoo (CA-14)/ unopposed/ Solid D

Etheridge (NC-2)/ Renee Ellmers/ Leaning D

Farr (CA-17)/ Jeff Taylor/ Solid D

Fattah (PA-2)/ Rick Hellberg /Solid D

Filner (CA-51)/ Nick Popaditch/ Solid D

Foster (IL-14)/ Randy Hultgren/ Toss Up

Frank (MA-4)/ Sean Bielat/ Solid D

Fudge (OH-11)/ unopposed/ Solid D

Garamendi (CA-10)/ Gary Clift/ Solid D

Giffords (AZ-8)/ Jesse Kelly/ Toss Up

Gonzalez (CA-20)/ Clayton Trotter/ Solid D

Grayson (FL-8)/ Daniel Webster/ Leaning R

Al Green (TX-9)/ unopposed/ Solid D

Gene Green (TX-29)/ Roy Morales/ Solid D

Grijalva (AZ-7)/ Ruth McClung/ Solid D

Gutierez (IL-4)/ unopposed/ Solid D

Hall (NY-19)/ Nan Hayworth/ Toss Up

Halvorson (IL-11)/Adam Kinzinger/Leaning R

Hare (IL-17)/Bobby Schilling/Toss Up

Harman (CA-36)/unopposed/Solid D

Hastings (FL-23)/Bernard Sansaricq/ Solid D

Heinrich (NM-1)/Jon Barela/ Leaning D

Higgins (NY-27)/Lenny Roberto/ Solid D

Hill (IN-9)/Todd Young/ Toss Up

Himes (CT-4)/Dan Debicella/ Leaning D

Hinchey (NY-22)/George Phillips/Likely D

Hinojosa (TX-15)/Paul B. Haring/ Solid D

Hirono (HI-2)/John Willoughby/ Solid D

Holt (NJ-12)/Scott Sipperelle/ Likely D

Honda (CA-15)/unopposed/ Solid D

Hoyer (MD-05)/Charles Lollar/ Solid D

Inslee (WA-1)/James Watkins/ Solid D

Israel (NY-2)/John Gomez/ Solid D

Jackson Jr. (IL-2)/Isaac C Hayes/ Solid D

Jackson-Lee (TX-18)/John Faulk/ Solid D

Johnson (GA-4)/Liz Carter/ Solid D

E. E. Johnson (TX-30)/Stephen Broden/Solid D

Kagan (WI-8)/Reid Ribble/ Leaning R

Kanjorski (PA-11)/Lou Barletta/ Toss Up

Kaptur (OH-9)/ Richard Iott/ Solid D

Killdee (MI-5)/ John Kupiec/ Solid D

Kilroy (OH-15)/ Steve Stivers/ Leaning R

Kind (WI-3)/ Dan Kapanke/ Leaning D

Kirkpatrick (AZ-1)/ Paul Gosar/ Leaning R

Klein (FL-22)/ Allen West/ Leaning D

Kosmas (FL-24)/ Sandy Adams/ Leaning R

Kucinich (OH-10)/ Peter Corrigan/ Solid D

Langevin (RI-2)/ Mark Zaccaria/ Solid D

Larsen (WA-2)/ John Koster/ Leaning D

Larson (CT-1)/ Ann Brickley/ Solid D

Lee (CA-9)/ Gerald Hashimoto/ Solid D

Levin (MI-12)/Don Volaric/ Solid D

Lewis (GA-5)/ Samuel Fenn Little Jr/ Solid D

Loebsack (IA-2)/Marianette Miller-Meeks/ Likely D

Lofgren (CA-16)/ unopposed/ Solid D

Lowey (NY-18)/ Jim Russell/ Solid D

Lujan (NM-3)/ Tom Mullins/ Solid D

Maffei (NY-25)/Ann Marie Buerkle/ Leaning D

Maloney (NY-14)/ Ryan Brumberg/ Solid D

Markey (CO-4)/ Cory Gardner/ Leaning R

Markey (MA-7)/ Gerry Dembrowski/ Solid D

Matsui (CA-5)/ Paul Smith/ Solid D

McCarthy (NY-4)/ Francis X Becker/ Likely D

McCollum (MN-4)/ Teresa Collet/ Solid D

McDermott (WA-7)/ unopposed/ Solid D

McGovern (MA-3)/ Marty Lamb/ Solid D

McNerey (CA-11)/ David Harmer/ Toss Up

Meeks (NY-6)/ Asher Taub/ Solid D

Michaud (ME-2)/ Jason Levesque/ Likely D

Miller (NC-13)/ Bill Randall/ Solid D

G. Miller (CA-7)/ Rick Tubbs/ Solid D

Mitchell (AZ-5)/ David Schweikert/ Toss Up

D. Moore (KS-3)/ Kevin Yoder/ Leaning R

G. Moore (WI-4)/Dan Sebring/Solid D

Moran (VA-8)/ Patrick Murray/ Solid D

Murphy (CT-5)/ Sam Caligiuri/ Leaning D

S. Murphy (NY-20)/ Chris Gibson/ Leaning D

P. Murphy (PA-8)/ Mike Fitzpatrick/ Toss Up

Nadler (NY-8)/ Susan Kone/ Solid D

Napolitano (CA-38)/ Robert Vaughn/ Solid D

Neal (MA-2)/ Tom Wesley/ Solid D

Oberstar (MN-8)/ Chip Cravaack/ Solid D

Olver (MA-1)/ Bill Gunn/ Solid D

Ortiz (TX-27)/ James Duerr/ Solid D

Owens (NY-23)/ Matt Doheny/ Toss Up

Pallone (NJ-6)/ Anna Little/ Solid D

Pascrell (NJ-8)/ Roland Straten/ Solid D

Pastor (AZ-4)/ Janet Contreras/ Solid D

Payne (NJ-10)/ Micheal Alonso/ Solid D

Pelosi (CA-8)/ John Dennis/ Solid D

Perlmutter (CO-7)/ Ryan Frazier/ Leaning D

Pallone (VA-5)/ Robert Hurt/ Leaning R

Peters (MI-9)/ Rocky Raczkowski/ Leaning D

Pingree (ME-1)/ Dean Scrontas/ Likely D

Polis (CO-2)/ Stephen Bailey/ Solid D

Pomeroy (ND-AL)/ Rick Berg/ Toss Up

Price (NC-4)/ B.J. Lawson/ Solid D

Quigley (IL-5)/ David Ratowitz/ Solid D

Rahall (WV-3)/ Spike Maynard/Leaning D

Rangel (NY-15)/ Michel Faulkner/ Solid D

Reyes (TX-16)/unopposed/ Solid D

Richardson (CA-37)/ Star Parker/ Solid D

Rodriguez (TX-23)/ Fransisco Canseco/ Toss Up

Rothman (NJ-9)/ Micheal Agosta/ Solid D

Roybal-Allard (CA-34)/ Wayne Miller/ Solid D

Ruppersberger (MD-2)/ Marcello Cardarelli/ Solid D

Rush (IL-1)/unopposed/ Solid D

Ryan (OH-17)/ Jim Graham/ Solid D

Salazar (CO-3)/ Scott Tipton/ Toss Up

Sanchez (CA-39)/ Larry Andre/ Solid D

Loretta Sanchez (CA-47)/ Van Tran/ Leaning D

Sabarnes (MD-3)/ Jim Wilhelm/ Solid D

Schakowski (IL-9)/ Joel Pollak/ Solid D

Schauer (MI-7)/ Tim Walberg/ Toss Up

Schiff (CA-29)/ John Colbert/ Solid D

Schrader (OR-5)/ Scott Bruun/Toss Up

Schwartz (PA-13)/ Dee Adcock/ Solid D

Scott (GA-13)/ Mike Crane/ Solid D

R. Scott (VA-3)/ Chuck Smith/ Solid D

Serrano (NY-16)/ Frank Della Valle/ Solid D

Shea-Porter (NH-1)/ Frank Guinta/ Toss Up

Sherman (CA-27)/ Mark Reed/ Solid D

Sires (NJ-13)/ Henrietta Dwyer/ Solid D

Slaughter (NY-28)/ Jill Rowland/ Solid D

Smith (WA-9)/ Dick Muri/ Likely D

Speier (CA-12)/ Mike Maloney/ Solid D

Spratt (SC-5)/ Mick Mulvaney/ Toss Up

Stark (CA-13)/ Forest Baker/ Solid D

Sutton (OH-13)/ Tom Ganley/ Likely D

Thompson (CA-1)/ Loren Hanks/ Solid D

B. Thompson (MS-2)/ Bill Marcy/ Likely D

Tierny (MA-6)/ Bill Hudak/ Solid D

Titus (NV-3)/ Joe Heck/ Toss Up

Tonko (NY-21)/ Ted Danz/ Solid D

Towns (NY-10)/ Diana Muniz/ Solid D

Tsongas (MA-5)/ Jon Golnik/ Likely D

Van Hollen (MD-8)/ Mike Phillips/ Solid D

Velazquez (NY-12)/ unopposed/ Solid D

Visclosky (IN-1)/ Mark Leyva/ Solid D

Walz (MN-1)/ Randy Demmer/ Leaning D

Wasserman-Schultz (FL-20)/ Karen Harrington/ Solid D

Waters (CA-35)/ Bruce Brown/ Solid D

Watt (NC-12)/ Greg Dority/ Solid D

Waxman (CA-30)/ Charles Wilkerson/ Solid D

Weiner (NY-9)/ Bob Turner/ Solid D

Welch (VT-AL)/ Paul Beaudry/ Solid D

Wilson (OH-6)/ Bill Johnson/ Leaning D

Woolsey (CA-6)/ Jim Judd/ Solid D

Wu (OR-1)/ Rob Cornilles/ Likely D

Yarmuth (KY-3)/ Todd Lally/ Likely D

If you've managed to read/scroll this far, then I might as well include outgoing Congressmen that voted for 0bamacare but aren't running for re-election (lost primary, running for other office, retired, etc.)...comsider it Appendix 1A:

Outgoing Dem/ Dem's. Opponent/ District Rating

Baird (WA-3)/ Jamie Hererra/ Leaning R

Delahunt (MA-10)/ Jeff Perry/ Leaning D

Ellsworth (IN-8)/ Larry Bucshon/ Leaning R

Gordon (TN-6)/ Diane Black/ Likely R

Hodes (NH-2)/ Charlie Bass/ Toss Up

Kennedy (RI-1)/ John Loughlin/ Leaning D

Kilpatrick (MI-13)/John Hauler/ Solid D

Mollohan (WV-1)/ David McKinley/ Toss Up

Obey (WI-7)/ Sean Duffy/ Toss Up

Sestak (PA-7)/ Patrick Meehan/ Toss Up

Snyder (AR-2)/ Tom Griffin/ Likely R

Stupak (MI-1)/ Dan Benishek/ Leaning R

While I'm at it, there were at least three congressional districts that didn't get a chance to vote on 0bamacare, as their seats were vacant when the vote was held in late March. So I guess this would be appendix 1AA regarding the 'special elections' and vacant House seats.

Seat Vacated By/ Dem's Opponent/ District Rating

Abercrombie (HI-1)/ Charles Djou/ Toss Up

Massa (NY-29)/ Tom Reed/ Likely R

Murtha (PA-12)/ Tim Burns/ Leaning D

Full Disclosure: Special Elections were held in HI-1 and PA-12 in May to determine who would fill the vacant seats between May and election day. Djou won in Hawaii, so in that sense he's 'the incumbent' while longtime Murtha staffer Critz won in Pennsylvania.

If you read this far, here's a little 'inside baseball' on the Cook Ratings. At first glance, you might be discouraged to see so many races in the 'Leaning D' category, but it's important to keep in mind that the majority of those races were in the 'Likely D' or 'Solid D' category shortly before 0bamacare passed and 'recovery summer' got underway. Many of the districts that were in the 'Leaning D' category back in March or April became 'Toss-up' or even 'Leaning R' over the last several weeks. And with at least 20 updates just this morning by the nonpartisan analyst that favored the GOP by varying margins (i.e the Democrats will retain some districts, but have to fight much harder and pull away money, outside help and resources from more competitive races) there's likely more to come in the next 3 weeks.

From Cook's latest update:

At today’s writing, the chances of Republican gains in excess of 45 seats are better than their chances of falling short of 40 seats. We currently rate 74 Democratic incumbents as vulnerable, including 28 in the Lean Democratic column, 34 in the Toss Up column, and 12 in the Lean Republican column. Just four Republican incumbents are in real jeopardy.

If you live in or near one of these districts and interested in contributing or volunteering for a campaign, 40 Seats is a good resource attempting to keep track of the more competitive districts, the only problem is that so many of these Congressional districts are souring on the Democrats that it's getting hard for them to update.


  1. I just linked to this post. Good work. I would only add that a vote for any Democrat, even if he or she voted against this abomination, is a vote for the Pelosi/Obama agenda.

  2. good work man! you may be surprised though how many "solid D" will flip. Lets compare this list November the 3rd.

  3. Here in Texas we got Chet Edwards who was in Pelosi's pocket if needed but once she got the votes was allowed to vote no. Hoping that Bill Flores is able to ride Rick Perry's coattails to victory come Nov. 2.

  4. WOW Fenway! Amazing list. Good work! :-)