Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

As I'm sure many of you have gathered by the numerous sales being offered by department stores or car dealers, this is Memorial Day weekend, which marks the unofficial start of summertime.

Of course, today is about so much more than parades, picnics and cookouts. Today is reserved for the men and women of our Armed Forces who never made it back home. If you have a moment, take some time out to buy a poppy from your local VFW post or find a veteran's organization such as the Wounded Warrior Project, the USO or the Navajo Code Talkers Foundation.

It's not often you find gems in the form of anonymous online comments, but this unattributed comment was right on the money- Today honoring veterans is in fashion. It hasn't always been that way. And when it is no longer politically useful it may not be in the future.

With that said, it's incumbent upon every last one of us to make certain that any display of honor or thanks to veterans and their families doesn't go the way of appletinis and MySpace.

Whatever else you have planned, I hope all of you have a safe Memorial Day Weekend.

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