Saturday, April 30, 2011

Days of Rage- Clashes, Assad Regime Crackdown Continues in Syria

Image from amateur video aired on Shaam News Network
Syrian tanks and infantry moved into the restive southern city of Daraa this week in a bid to quell continuing anti-government protests.

Water, electricity and lines of communication out of Daraa were cut as tanks and armoured vehicles opened fire on residential buildings. Prior to the Assad regime deploying soldiers and secret police to Daraa, the border with Jordan was shut down both south of Daraa and the border town of Naseeb. Bodies of residents were said to have remained in the streets or in vehicles after clashes with soldiers and secret policemen in plainclothes. Rights groups say that at least 60 of those took place on Friday's 'Day of Rage' protest

In the western part of Syria, Syrian troops have managed to wrest control of the city of Homs back from the protesters.

An exact body count was difficult to determine due to the ruling Ba'ath party's ban on foreign media, but observers and human rights groups have claimed that at least 450 civilians were killed nationwide in clashes with the military and police loyal to the Assad regime- and at least 60 of those in 'Day of Rage' protests after Friday prayers this week.

In Damascus, some 200 members of the ruling Ba'ath party have reportedly resigned en masse to protest the regime's handling of the current crisis [although this could be a self-serving move to distance themselves from the Assad regime should it eventually fall- NANESB!]

Here is Bashr al-Assad in happier and more serene days, meeting with then speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, not even two years after the Syrian-backed Hezbollah terrorist group assassinated outspoken anti-Syrian Lebanese PM Rafik Hariri with a car bomb in Beirut.


  1. And in other wonderful news(/) out of the ME today, NATO bombed an unarmored, unprotected house in Tripoli where it believed Gahdaffi was hiding. They were apparently right, but they didn't even scratch Daffi, but they did manage to kill his youngest son and 3 of his grandchildren. And that was either just before or just after NATO bombed a school for Disabled Chilren in Libya.
    You know, the UN Resolution (and the Arab League Resolution) ONLY PROVIDE for NATO to set up a NO-FLY ZONE so as to protect civilian life. I guess NATO figures it's ok to kill civilians if those civilians are loyal to the Rebels, who's identity we still don't know.

  2. I thought we had laws forbidding assassination of foreign leaders... the slippery slope and all that...