Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Independence Day From Not Another New England Sports Blog!

Maybe its just me, but it seems as though its an unwritten rule that just about every town in New England (or upstate New York) has their own vintage fire engine that's either in the process of being restored or is already restored and is prominently featured in the town's 4th of July parade.

Firetrucks making an appearence in the Milltown, NJ 4th of July Parade. Frank H. Conlon/Newark Star-Ledger photo

Of course, some of the towns that don't have a working vintage fire truck can usually get a more recent model from the current Fire Department fleet to pinch-hit for them in the parade- that's if they aren't already scheduled.

Fire Engine with Summit County Historical Society banner in the 2010 Frisco, CO Independence Day Parade.

Or they could always arrange to borrow one from a nearby town. In any case, my point is that any parade celebrating the 4th of July [or Memorial Day or Columbus Day depending on where you live- NANESB] seems incomplete without at least one fire engine participating.

It's a little like the 4th of July without fireworks, which unfortunately is a reality in many cities and towns in recent years. While some towns in the Rocky Mountain region have postponed or cancelled fireworks displays over valid concerns about wildfires, the coastal Oregon town of DePoe Bay was pressured by Federal wildlife officials to cancel this year's Independence Day fireworks display because the noise might scare off protected species like the Brandt's Cormorant. And why should we ever doubt the feds and environmentalists? I mean, they have such a high batting average when it comes to birds in Oregon, right?

The fireworks- held a day ahead of Independence Day so they wouldn't have to compete with larger towns- have taken place in DePoe Bay since 1993.

Of course, not everything about the 4th of July in the Pacific northwest is all about being a buzzkill. In addition to the traditional fire engines and vintage cars, one Seattle suburb has managed to make a good thing even better.

Two...actually three photos courtesey of Tuners & Models

In recent years, Kirkland, WA based swimwear retailer Bikini Beach has participated in the city's Independence Day parade, complete with models sporting bikinis adorned in the stars and stripes.

Kinda makes you wish your hometown had an internet-based swimwear and lingerie retrailer so that they could participate too, huh?

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