Sunday, March 9, 2014

Massachusetts Teacher's Aide Returns to Work After Racy Modelling Portfolio Comes to Light

A Fitchburg, MA teacher's aide is back on the job after being placed on administrative leave in January when school officials received an anonymous packet containing images of the teacher's aide wearing next to nothing.

23 year old Kaitlin Pearson, who has worked in the Fitchburg School District's special education program since November, has moonlighted as a model posing in bikinis, lingerie, workout gear and in the nude [although covered by part of a sheet or strategically placed hand- NANESB]. Pearson also appears with another nude female on the September 2013 cover of Models Mania magazine.

In addition to the modeling work, Pearson's social networking pages show pictures of her in a bikini in several candid pictures of her at the beach with her boyfriend and family. Interestingly, Pearson made no effort to conceal her moonlighting as a lingerie model from her employers at the Fitchburg School District- a simple Google search would've revealed Pearson's Instagram or Facebook accounts where much of her modeling work is on display. In an interview with MassLive, Pearson said that although she made no mention of her modeling work while applying for the teaching job, she knew it would be only a matter of time before it was brought up.

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Unlike some other teachers who have posed for sultry and provocative photos [and outed by anonymous and jealous-sounding letters to their employer- NANESB!], Pearson returned to work after a few weeks of being placed on paid leave. Pearson said her colleagues at school and in Fitchburg were supportive- and while admitting her relationship with the school would've been much different if they decided to terminate her, she is glad to be back.

In 2013, Florida teacher Olivia Sprauer was forced to resign before the end of the school year when somebody anonymously sent pictures of the scantily clad Spanish teacher to school board officials in Martin County.

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