Monday, March 31, 2014

Happy National Cleavage Day!

Not this crappy blog again!

Oh great....another one of these made-up corporate holidays. Oh, wait a sec...this one centers around cleavage. In this case, the corporation is Hanes [NYSE- HBI] subsidiary Wonderbra and this particular holiday is designed to sell their line of underwire brassieres.

Believe it or not, the Wonderbra is actually a Canadian invention. In 1939, the Canadian Lady Corset company of Montreal began marketing specialty apparel and undergarments under the WonderBra label.

However, the idea of marketing bras with a day dedicated to the celebration of cleavage started in 2002 thanks to WonderBra's South Africa division. Samantha Patterson- then South Africa's brand manager for WonderBra- said that the whole thing was designed to be tongue in cheek and lighthearted. However, with the rise of social networking and millions of exhibitionists willing to take part via twitter, Pinterst, Tumblr or Instagram, the holiday has begun to take off elsewhere in recent years.

Curiously, as National Cleavage Day begins spreading further afield from South Aftica, there apparently is no conclusive data released that indicates the Wonder-Bra designed holiday leads to a spike in the sales of any particular type of women's undergarments, let alone bras from the Wonderbra brand.

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  1. hmm so is national cleavage day every march 31st ??