Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Today's Train Of Though- The Bridges of Madison Benton County, September 24th, 2014

Today's train of thought takes us to a little slice of New England up in the Pacific Northwest- a shortline in the woods complete with a covered bridge.

Although the 1937 construction date makes the Harris covered bridge in Blodgett, OR is pretty new by east coast standards, the structure looks right at home in the forests of Oregon's Coastal Range. The 75 foot bridge traverses the Marys River outside of Blodgett, OR and crosses the former Southern Pacific Toledo branch, which has been operated by the Genesee & Wyoming's Portland & Western since the 1990s.

Here, contributor Mike Haywood caught Portland and Western GP39-2 #2310 [formerly Santa Fe #3609- NANESB!] leading the Toledo Hauler past the Harris Bridge on Memorial Day weekend 2003. Like other railroads, the Portland & Western has a practice of naming some of their locomotives after cities and towns along the line that they serve.

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