Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sports Chowdah Recap for October 7th.

I was peripherally aware of the tripleheader underway in the MLB playoffs yesterday- the Phillies had pretty much wrapped up Game 1 of the NLDS against Colorado by the time I finished work yesterday.

The Twins got out to an early 2-0 lead against the Yankees in the Bronx, but that didn't last long as the Yankees scored 7 unanswered runs. Gotta wonder about Gardenhire's decision to throw Lariano into what was looking more and more like a lost cause for the Twins at that point. But then again, I'm probably underestimating how depleted the Twins bullpen was after Tuesday's 12-inning affair.

Rounding out the tripleheader was LA's Jeff Weaver getting the win over St. Louis' Chris Carpenter in Game 1 of that series. Lots of runners stranded in scoring position for both teams last night, but the Dodgers managed to win 5-3.

And let's not forget today's big showdown between Boston and Anaheim.

Oh...wait- you thought I was talking about baseball still? Sure- why the hell not?

Another tripleheader later on today, starting with Rockies/Phillies, then Cardinals/Dodgers and finally Red Sox/Angels for the nightcap.

As far as I know, here are the ALDS Probables:

Game 1- Jon Lester vs John Lackey

Game 2- Josh Beckett vs Jared Weaver

Game 3- Clay Buchholz vs Scott Kazmir.

[NOTE: ESPN Mobile listed Game 3 Starters as TBA vs Joe Saunders late yesterday]

One final note- F Milan Lucic of the Boston Bruins signed a 3-year contract extention yesterday.

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