Thursday, October 1, 2009

Today's Train of Thought

One of the first questions for some of the visitors to the newly-formed Not Another New England Sports Blog! was 'Where are the trains?'

Ah yes- those who know me well enough know that I hardly miss an opportunity to bring up railroads and locomotives in everyday conversation; of course, that's when I'm not gratuitously bringing up the Sox, Pats B's or C's in daily conversation.
So I bring you today's Train of Thought- an SD45 helper set for Montana Rail Link heading down Bozeman Pass.
-Today's image comes courtesey of Stefan Loeb and

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  1. Here's a good train story about Montana. I was driving back to MA from Tacoma WA and stopped in Big Timber Montana for something to eat and a passing train hit a cow on the tracks. The diner owner ran outside with a knife in each hand and was heard saying steak and hamburger on the specials for the next week or two.