Monday, October 26, 2009

Stimulus- New Jersey Style.


Meet Stepfanie Velez-Gentry of Bellmawr, NJ. She's the founder of Nookie Parties- which she describes as being like a Tupperware party, only with lingerie and adult toys.

She's also running for State Assembly as a Republican (I bet Nookie Parties isn't even a union workplace- the horror!). We don't really learn too much about where Mrs. Velez-Gentry stands on various issues, let alone who she's running against- a Libertarian pole dancer? a Democrat nude housemaid?- but looks like she has some experience as the owner of a small business if nothing else.

Meanwhile, blogger Ashok has a roundup on the various New Jersey newspapers who think that Jim Corzine must absolutely, positively not be re-elected.


  1. Even a Kennedy supporter might find Corzine to be dirty.

  2. Thanks for the link! Just added you to the blogroll:

  3. spongebubba103 said...
    Even a Kennedy supporter might find Corzine to be dirty.

    Does Corzine even try to hide it? Or is the corruption supposed to be part of his charm, like Chicago's Daley brood? Or just part of the status quo, like the motor city's Kwame Kilpatrick?

    Ashok said...
    Thanks for the link!

    Sure....silly question, but when are the election in NJ taking place?