Thursday, February 11, 2010

BREAKING: Pennsylvania Rodent Outperforms Al Gore, RFK Jr. In Climate Prediction Accuracy

Punxsatawney Phil sez: "Bundle up, SUCKAS!"

A little over a week ago, Punxsutawney Phil had predicted six more weeks of winter. Although somewhat ambiguous in his forecasting, the Western Pennsylvania resident probably didn't appreciate how right he had it when barely a week later, a series of winter storms moved in and dumped nearly 3 feet of snow in Baltimore, Philadelphia, Washington D.C. and elsewhere in the Mid-Atlantic. Highways, railroads and airports in the region ground to a halt and the federal government shut down [altho' with this Congress and administration, that isn't necessarily such a bad thing- NANESB!]. A few days later, the reigon was hit by a second storm that dumped an additional foot of snow before moving on to New York and New England.

Spreading ManBearPig Awareness

Phil's intuitive forecast has called into question the longer-term predictions of climate experts Al Gore and Robert Kennedy Junior. Some scientists have questioned the more alarmist predictions the former Vice President made in his film An Inconvenient Truth while the total cumulative snowfall in the Washington DC area from this week alone has exceeded anything that Robert F Kennedy Jr. has seen in his lifetime.
So in these trying and turbulent times of record cold and snowfall throughout the nation, who should you trust? A Keystone State Rodent or various well-compensated 'experts' with private jets and multiple spacious homes who never miss an opportunity to remind us that commuting 20 miles to our $12 an hour jobs in a Nissan Sentra is eventually going to bring about Armageddon?

I'm going to have to say go with the groundhog. It's already been a pretty rough week for the 'experts'.

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  1. *snicker* Only thing coming out of Al Bores mouth is hot air. Unfortunately for him the climate always seems to put a damper on him.