Friday, December 9, 2011

Text Messages Reveal That Police Officers in Denver Were Texting What everybody Else Was Thinking About #OccupyDenver & #OWS

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A 30-page dossier of car-to-car text messages from police officers during the height of the #OccupyDenver protests earlier this fall was released by the Denver Police Department was released to the public this week.

The overwhelming majority of the messages contained routine and mundane observations of the protesters movements, but the Denver Post has thoughtfully compiled some of the messages in which certain police officers make clear their disdain or fatigue in dealing with the #Occupy demonstrators:
Oct. 1: ... did you see all those crazy youtube videos of the ny police and the protesters? crazy stuff!

Denver protesters are too pathetic for us to have anything like that.

Oct. 13: probably little problems from the "real" protesters, but the grungy hippies and the usual civic center yahoos will more than likely be a problem

Oct. 14: I bet if you guys dropped a box of skunks in the middle of them .. they would probably scatter real good

Oct. 21: If you think about it, large scale protests are a good way to waste city money and possibly cripple the system.

Oct. 30: It is nuts down here i have costume freaks yelling at protesters who are yelling at police who are yelling at transients.

Oct. 30: in the last two days no less than one hundred people, at protest and other places, have screamed obscenities and directed demeaning remarks at me, and I am not allowed to respond in any way. what a great system.

Oct. 30: I guess Heather dealt with a hippie on 1st and Broad that said You are making me feel Dehumanized by the way ur treating me. Probably a protesters.

Nov. 4: but they claim to be peacefully protesting. i say we just baton the people who start to incite everyone. the rest who are peaceful, let em stay.

Nov. 12: This occupy s--- has got out of hand because this liberal administration has allowed them to

Nov. 20: I like how almost all of the "demonstraors" that occupy the sidewalk at night are bums.
A spokesman for the Denver Police Department said the department "regrets the tone and tenor of some of these texts". The release came on Wednesday afternoon, the same day a federal judge denied #OccupyDenver a restraining order against the police department to prevent them from enforcing a handful of city ordinances.

In early November, #OccupyDenver attempted to crash a conference in Denver featuring conservative bloggers only to have that backfire when the bloggers in attendence were waiting for them and chanting "We Want the Dog!" - a reference to Shelby the Border Collie, who was appointed the de-facto leader of #OccupyDenver.

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