Friday, December 23, 2011

Blue State Graft Watch- 'Mountain of Evidence' Available for Grand Jury in Troy, NY Voter Fraud Case

Even as Eric Holder's Justice Department moved to block recently passed voter ID legislation in South Carolina, prosecutors in Rensselaer County, NY say they have 'mountains' of incriminating papers implicating the Rensselaer County elections commissioner, a number of Troy city councilmen and the city clerk in a scheme to forge signatures and excuses on absentee ballots in September 2009- all of them democrats.
According to the indictment, between Sept. 9 and 15, 2009, Campana allegedly had a hand in soliciting absentee ballots from seven voters, entered forged voters' signatures or other information on 24 ballots, filled in the votes on four ballots and helped deliver 28 ballots to the Rensselaer County Board of Elections.

Former Troy City Clerk William McInerney allegedly solicited 16 ballots and forged 26, according to the indictment.

Democratic Rensselaer County Elections Commissioner Edward McDonough allegedly forged 32 ballots, delivered 29 and forged fictitious information in the "Where will you be on election day" box on 42 ballots. Absentee ballot holders are required to reveal what prevents them from voting in person, according to the indictment.

Councilman Michael LoPorto is accused of soliciting four ballots, forging one, voting on four and delivering 28.

Councilman John Brown allegedly solicited two ballots, forged six and voted on 27.

Former Troy Housing Authority clerk Anthony DeFiglio is accused of soliciting 18 ballots and Democratic operative and city council employee Anthony Renna was accused of forging five ballots.

Brown, DeFiglio and Renna pleaded guilty Tuesday to one felony count each and received various sentences. The most severe punishment was for Brown, who will be sentenced to six months in county jail and five years' probation.

In January, McDonough and LoPorto were arraigned on several felony counts. They face trial next month. McInerney pleaded guilty and will cooperate with the prosecution. His sentence has not been determined.
LoPorto and McDonough were charged in January of 2011. One has to wonder if they systematically forged signatures and reasons for not voting in persion on the local ballot, what exactly would stop them from committing electoral fraud of this scope during elections for either the office of governor or President.

Also earlier this year, a former county prosecutor penned a letter to the Justice Department asking to reexamine the probe into allegations that Rensselaer County Democrat Party chairman Thomas Wade pressured county employees to contribute to a campaign fund committee or face termination from their jobs.

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