Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pirates 0, Alabama 2; Slow-Learning Pirates Attack MV Maersk Alabama....AGAIN!

However, it seems like the vessel was ready for them this time around:

The MV Maersk Alabama has thwarted another attack by Somali pirates, according to European Union and U.S. Navy officials.

"Pirates fired automatic weapons on MV Maersk Alabama who responded with fire," said an EU Naval Command Statement, "The crew managed to repel the attack and no casualties were reported."

The pirates' assault was countered by gunfire and a high-decibel noise device from a security team that is traveling aboard the Alabama to defend it from pirates.
Maersk spokesman Kevin Speers told reporters the ship was headed to Mombasa, Kenya, carrying food aid for war-torn Somalia when it was fired upon by a pirate boat carrying four gunmen.

Navy officials tell ABC News that all 20 members aboard the Maersk Alabama are now "safe and secure," and have resumed their journey.

Of course, given how poorly the pirates fared last time they tried going after the Maersk Alabama, it shouldn't be too surprising that she'd have a bigger bullseye on her this time around.

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