Saturday, November 7, 2009

Barroom Brawl Leaves Royal Army Squaddie With Miss England Crown

(Graham Stone/ The Telegraph)
OK- I should probably keep the posts about dysfuntional beauty pageants and their problem-child contestants to a minimum, but I thought this was too cool to pass up.

(Adrian Harlen/Ministry of Defense)
Meet 22 year old Lance Corpral Katrina Hodge of the Royal Army's Royal Anglian Regiment and decorated Iraq war veteran.
Ms Hodge was given a bravery commendation in 2005 after members of her regiment were threatened at gunpoint by a suspected Iraqi insurgent after the vehicle they were travelling in overturned.

She said: "I was in complete shock at first. The force of the accident caused our vehicle to roll over three times and threw us off guard.
"As I came round, the Iraqi suspect was standing over us with the rifles. I knew if I didn't act fast then our lives would be in danger. I punched him and the force startled him enough for me to retrieve the rifles from him."

And...oh yes- she's the current Miss England. Now keep in mind that she was a runner up and the winner of the 2009 Miss England crown, Rachel Christie, was recently arrested after allegedly getting into a barrom brawl with another contestant, Sara Jones. Presumably the beatdown of another contestant and subsequent arrest means she had to relinquish her crown. Ironically, the soldier is being rewarded for not fighting

So LCL Hodge will now represent England at the upcoming Miss World pageant in Johannesburg later on this month- the same pageant Singapore is having such a hard time finding a suitable contestant for.

I'm wholeheartedly looking forward to the talent competiton where she's going to field-strip an Enfield L85A1 rifle and reassemble it blindfolded. Congratulations and best of luck to Ms. Hodge.


  1. She could be my battle buddy anytime

  2. Now that's a story that I enjoy. I hope she goes far in the contest.

  3. I want Lance Corporal Hodge to be my personal bodyguard.

  4. Wyatt Earp said...

    I want Lance Corporal Hodge to be my personal bodyguard.

    I bet she could take on Ghdaffi's girl-guard squad singlehandedly.
    In a tub of jello.
    With each respective side wearing bikinis....

    PaladinPhil said...
    Now that's a story that I enjoy. I hope she goes far in the contest.

    Me too....but you gotta figure one of the judges is probably going to try and trip her up by asking some sort of loaded question about world peace

    spongebubba103 said...
    She could be my battle buddy anytime

    Jeez...I'll bypass the low-hanging fruit [something about taking refuge in her foxhole] and just say that I salute her.


    With both hands on the keyboard still.