Sunday, November 15, 2009

I LOVE a Parade II- Australia Strikes Back!

Within days of nearly 300 bikini-clad South African women setting the completely gratuitous 'World's Largest Bikini Parade' record [that NANESB! wholeheartedly approves of], Australians gathered in Sydney on Nov. 12th in an attempt to break the record.

This attempt- like many sequels- came up short. For starters, the Johannesburg parade was 'women only' while this was a co-ed event. Naturally, this means that people will be showing up in speedos and briefs who we don't want to see in speedos and briefs.

Secondly, attendees and organizers considered this a trial balloon for a second attempt with higher turnout in the not too distant future.

Note to the Aussie's in charge of any subsequent efforts: Less 74-year old blokes in speedos and more women next time around.

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