Saturday, November 14, 2009

UPDATE: Khalid Sheikh Mohammed to be Charged For Not Having Approved Health Insurance Coverage

Not Another New England Sports Blog! learned from undisclosed sources earlier today that Khalid Shiekh Mohammed will face trial in a Federal Court in New York City in a pilot program from the Department of Justice. The 45 year old Al Qaeda operative and part-time Ron Jeremy impersonator was arrested in Pakistan in 2003 and has been in American custody since then.

Legal analysts tell NANESB! that this is a potentially risky move by Attorney General Eric Holder. First, there is the claim that Mohammed isn't even an American citicizen and would not be required to enroll in an approved plan. Also complicating matters for the Justice Department is that the legislation requiring jail time was not in effect when this story went to press, let alone when Mohammed was arrested in 2003.

Still, the analysts feel that Holder remains confident he can get a conviction, otherwise he wouldn't have made such a maneuver. However, the question remains as to what would happen if Holder failed to get a conviction in the Mohammed trial.

'Setting the terrorist mastermind who orchestrated the deadliest attack on American soil loose to roam free and uninsured in the United States would be a huge black eye for the Administration and Justice Department' one legal scholar who asked to remain anonymous said. 'It would set a bad precedent and further distract from the Attorney General's investigation of the CIA and other intelligence agencies.'

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