Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Today's Train of Thought

Today's train of thought is a blast from the not too distant past (October 20, 2009) courtesey of contributor Jim Kleeman. Here, a trio of Maryland Midland GP38-3s leading train UBEG (UB= Union Bridge; EG = Emory Grove/CSX interchange) through Glyndon, MD as it approaches the CSX interchange as there's still abundant foliage turning color trackside. The trees may not be the only thing turning a shade of orange, as the Maryland Midland was acquired by the Genesee & Wyoming acquired the Maryland Midland in 2007. It's likely Maryland Midland's fleet of GP38s will be repainted into G&W's trademark orange and black.


  1. Hey, soxfan here. Thanks for your concern,I'm ok just pissed. He killed 13 of my brothers in arms in our own backyard. This PC crap of not sterotyping needs to end. Islam is an enemy of the US and we need to stomp it out now. My offer from the other day still holds. My email is on my nic at LGF and if you want to come down and check it out I'll help you all I can.

  2. Excellent to hear, soxfan- I was getting a little worried for awhile.

    Actually- I had no idea you had your e-mail up @ LGF. I'll see if I can get in touch w/you that way.

  3. not sure if my email stayed up there, but it is here, my username at