Thursday, November 12, 2009

More on 'Mighty Mouse'; Petite Police Officer Kimberly Munley Who Dropped Nidal Malik Hasan

The 5ft 2 in mother of two and civilian police sargeant is recovering from wounds sustained when she exchanged gunfire with Hasan during his murder spree.

Newton, MA residents recall Munley from when she was waiting tables at an Elliot St. pub a few years ago.

“She really didn’t have a lot of fear,” said Dunn-Gaherin’s Food & Spirits owner Seana Gaherin, who was Kimberly Munley’s boss from 2003-2005, when the young cop did a stint as a waitress at the Newton pub on Eliot Street.

“We’re so proud of her. We’re just happy that she’s OK,” Gaherin told the Herald yesterday

Back then, she was Kimberly Barbour and she dreamed of returning to law enforcement, Gaherin said. She even took the Boston police exam, according to Gaherin.

The waitress was known for being tough. One Halloween, she dressed as Demi Moore’s character in the movie “G.I. Jane,” and she played shortstop on the bar’s softball team.

Gaherin said the bar has been flooded with calls from people who recognized Munley as their former waitress who spent her breaks reading the Boston Herald.

“We want to host a big party and bring her back. We know she touched a lot of lives,” Gaherin said. “She was just a nice spirit.”

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