Friday, November 6, 2009

Additional Thoughts on the Ft. Hood Shootings and Aftermath

To be perfectly honest, it didn't really enter my mind that the Fort Hood shooter was mulsim until I heard a radio update where the announcer adamantly declared 'officials say this is not a terrorist incident'. Keep in mind this was while the exact number of shooters was unknown, the number of dead and wounded were unknown, whether or not the shooter was in custody was unknown at the time- yet somehow the media and various spokespeople magically knew with 100% certainty that this was not a terrorist attack [and those of you keeping score at home should not forget that!].

And of coure, once Maj Hasan's identity was disclosed a couple of the networks went with the PTSD angle, despite the fact that Hasan hadn't been previously deployed to combat- mostly the Walter Reed Army Medical Center and Fort Hood. So the 'P' in PTSD magically became Pre-Traumatic Stress Disorder because he was so upset over his upcoming deployment. Just humoring these idiots for a few moments means that we have to completely overlook the ginormous pachyderm inhabiting the same room that is Hasan's ethnic and religious background, to say nothing of the red flags he was apparently setting off at the Walter Reed Medical Center.

Then there was President Obama's address to the nation in the immediate aftermath, which wasn't as bad as I thought- it was much worse. Look- I can't stand the man or 99% of his policies, but I was hoping he would apply some of that charm and eloquence that CNN and MSNBC assures us he possesses to use reassuring an uncertain nation and comforting the families of the murdered. Instead, I was treated to stammering platitudes read off of a teleprompter by somebody who sounded like they were starting to realize they were in over their head- cripes, why not crack open a copy of My Pet Goat while you're at it? I didn't even know about the informal shout-outs to the BIA's Tribal Nations Conference until I read the linked article (the Chicago NBC affiliate- hardly a right-wing mouthpiece). I'm not pointing this for the sake of being vindictive and petty, I'm pointing this out because the man screwed the pooch. Honestly, I was hoping he'd rise to occasion on some level.

But hey- let's not jump to conclusions! Just because the shooter was muslim, spoke approvingly of muslims killing American soldiers and civilians, listed his nationality as 'Palestinian' on an Islamic matrimonial website (even though he was born and raised in Virginia), don't you dare jump to the hasty and uninformed conclusion that his religious background might've had something to do with it. Not when the mainstream media is trying so desperately to spin this massacre as a byproduct of PTSD and leave Hasan relatively blameless in this bloodbath.

Oh....and Nidal Malik Hasan? You were dropped by a girl, you misogynist prick!

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  1. This was a terrorist attack. No matter how much the lame stream media and the White House try and tell us otherwise. Hopefully we will wake up from this PC coma and realize there is one certain group of people who want us dead, President Bush and VP Cheney realized this and were portrayed as warmongers and blithering idiots. As you can imagine there is quite a bit of shock and disbelief hee in Central TX, but the community support has been incredible. People can say what they want about those creationist pushing whacko's from TX, but they sure do have a sense of community you would never find in New England or most any liberal stronghold.