Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Student Expelled- Then Readmitted- to Brazilian University Over Miniskirt

(screencap courtesy lalate.com)
(AP/Letcia Moreira)
Oh...those uptight and puritanical Brazilians are at it again! Last week, 20 year old student Geisy Arruda was expelled from privately-run Banderiante University in Sao Paulo state. School officials accused her of dressing and behaving in a provocative manner which led to her being hustled off of campus by security while wearing a professor's coat over the offending garment and running a gauntlet of taunts and verbal abuse from other students (apparently some of this is on YouTube)- Ms. Arruda is shown in the photos above, reportedly clad in the offending garment.

Now, the University has done an about-face.

SAO PAULO — A woman expelled for wearing a mini-dress that caused a near riot at a Brazilian college and made her an Internet sensation said all she wants is to go back to school. Well, she got her way.
Geisy Arruda, a 20-year-old tourism student, can return to the classroom after Bandeirante University reversed its decision to expel her following a flood of negative reaction in a nation known for tiny bikinis, beaches and Carnival.
The dean of the private college in suburban Sao Paulo released a statement Monday announcing the reversal, without saying why it had decided to let her back in.

Now, I'm pretty sure Brazilian students don't show up to their classes clad in the itsy bitsy 'dental floss' bikinis one would find in Ipanema- I mean, if I thought that for a second I'd be getting my TOEFL certificate and spending several months out of the year trying to get hired on at such institutions down there. Having said that, I didn't think Geisy's choice of attire was all that provocative and actually pretty tame compared to some of what I've seen worn on campuses here. Do they take their dress codes that seriously or is there some underlying issue here (like the school accusing her of exhibitionism before the minidress incident)? Truth be told, I thought it would've been something downright scandalous to have Brazilians so worked up. Given the uproar that's surrounding this, the university and press initially made it out as though Ms. Arruda was wearing next to nothing.

/And if Ms. Arruda needs to seek asylum, I can be contacted by way of this blog to make arrangements.

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  1. Are they looking for "teachers" in Brazil. I could make a pretty mean woman's Phys Ed observer I mean instructor.