Monday, August 9, 2010

Christina Hendricks in Plastic? Not so Fantastic....

Can you spot the difference? Didn't think so.
File this under 'N' for 'Noooooooooooooo!!!!!'

Little known fact- Mattel helped celebrate the kickoff of Mad Men's 4th season with the release of limited edition Barbies depicting characters from the series late last month.

Of course, there's the exception of Christina Hendrick's Joan Holloway character. She's apparently been replaced by a stick figure that's been inspired by a cross between a formally dressed Strawberry Shortcake and those aliens from the supermarket tabloids.

Just.....yikes....gone are the curves that put both the series and Hendricks on the map, replaced with the standard and more unrealistic Barbie figure (which can be yours, for a paltry $74.99 on I'm not even going to pull the 'Think of the Children' card when it comes to promoting a certain body type- that was pointed out here earlier- but most of Hendricks' appeal is that she's enthusiastically and convincingly bucked the heroin chic and plastic surgery trends coming from the entertainment industry and made a name for herself with good old-fashioned all-natural, Elvgren-esque curves.....Good Lord- it would be like marketing a super detailed David Ortiz MLB action figure only to have Urkel in a Red Sox jersey and batting helmet hit the shelves.

Reportedly, serious collectors are very dismayed with this discrepancy between the Holloway Barbie and Hendrick's real-life measurements.


  1. Love the new layout, am putting this on stumbleupon - it's a great post about a subject that I probably have too much interest in :(

  2. The Barbie aspect or the Hendricks aspect?