Friday, February 25, 2011

Dairlyand Drama Drags On- NY Teamsters Hop Bus To Wisconsin; Indiana Dems Skip Town

Does anybody else remember this chick from last year? Not only is she a Democrat, she's also on the Executive committee of the Milwaukee County Democrat party.

Odds are, she's a byproduct of Wisconsin public schools. Time to start contemplating if you're really getting any bang for your buck as far as the public schools are concerned, Cheeseheads.

As the protests got underway last week in Madison, an estimated 40% of the teachers in Madison staged a sickout, cancelling classes. As the teacher's protests against Gov. Scott Walker's measures in a bill limiting public employee unions ability to collectively bargain continued through the week, the teachers apparently continued to call in sick.

As absences from faculty increased, school district administrators warned that teachers would be docked pay for the days they were absent. However, University of Wisconsin Medical Center doctors were passing out doctors notes excusing absences to passersby on their way to or from the protests last week, standing next to handwritten placards with a red cross that read 'The Doctor is In- Come Get a Note'

Meanwhile. Union Locals from the New York metropolitan area, including the Teamsters Local 237 and Transportation Union Workers Local 100 promised to bus in hundreds of members to join the protesting teachers in Madison this week [after acquitting themselves so wonderfully during January's blizzard in NYC, it must be nice to have a government position with enough job security to skip several days for a bus trip to Wisconsin with no apparent repercussions- NANESB!].

Earlier this week, a 'journalist' named Ian Murphy managed to prank Gov. Walker by calling and saying he was one of the Koch Brothers and lulling him into a rather boring conversation that was supposedly scandalous and revealed his duplicitous side. For the record, Murphy's previous works include a lengthy 2008 screed directed at the US Military and veterans called 'Fuck The Troops'.

On Friday, the Wisconsin State Assembly had passed Walker's contentious budget bill after several days of heated debate on the House floor, but the 14 AWOL state senators prevent the measure from being taken up in the Wisconsin State Senate

I also thought it might be worth mentioning that at it's peak, crowd size for the protests in Madison was in the neighborhood of 70,000 last weekend, and that included several thousand counterdemonstrators from the Tea Party supporting Gov. Walker arriving on short notice. The total population of Dane County Wisconsin (which is where the Midwestern liberal bastion of Madison is located) is thought to be in the neighborhood of 491,000. For all the attempts by some of the media to portray this as a wildly popular spontaneous uprising in Dairyland, there's the undeniable fact that Union leadership and Obama's Organizing for America have taken an active role in coordinating much of the protests, despite media claims that the White House is distancing itself from these battles.

With such large, politically connected and well financed groups mobilizing against Gov. Walker, you'd think they wouldn't have to bus people in from out of state if these proposed budget cuts were so unpopular. But who knows? They could be just warming up for other states.....

In Indiana, a similar situation has developed earlier this week when 37 of the 40 Democrat state representatives also fled to Illinois to avoid a quorum on Right to Work legislation. About 3500 Union workers converged on the capitol to protest as House Bill 1468 passed the Indiana House, Labor and Pensions Committee and was supposed to go the the floor of the State House for a full debate.

[hat tip- Lonely Conservative; Jammie Wearing Fool]

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