Monday, August 16, 2010

Republican Study Committee: "These Voices Don't Speak For the Rest of Us"

This video comes courtesy of Republican Study Committee chair Tom Price (GA-6) and overlays an earlier speech of Ronald Reagan against some of the Democrats in the White House, Congress and Senate over the last 18 months pretty effectively.

I think this should be required viewing for not just conservatives or independents, but anybody who still thinks President Obama, the Senate or the House of Representatives is doing a fine job. Just like the President himself said during the 2008 campaign and last year's healthcare debate- "Get in their faces." Should the defenders of this Administration or Congress start sputtering and whining about how those quotes are 'taken out of context', point out that the full context is even more damning. Those are THEIR words, raw, uncut and far more sinister than any inartful gaffe by the likes of Bush or Palin- and they are the ones who have held the reigns of power virtually unchecked and now have to defend their records to we the people. If they have a problem with it, then maybe should've thought of that when they were running for office. Memo to liberals- You've pretty much had your way for the last 18 months. The 9.5% unemployment rate, record levels of spending and the record high number of US and allied casualties in Afghanistan last month? This is happening on your watch. Republican obstructionism has nothing to do with it, since the GOP doesn't even have the numbers to block whatever invasive, crappy job-killing legislative agenda items you might come up with. I suppose these words could be dismissed as those of your typical angry white male, but to be honest....if you aren't angry, you aren't paying attention. November cannot come fast enough. [Hat tip- Ace of Spades]


  1. The GOP was obstructing so much last year when it couldn't even filibuster a deal without part of the other party's consent!

  2. Seriously, the Dems ideas sucked so bad they couldn't get their own people to go 100% with it, but the GOP is obstructing them. Something tells me Captain Kickass could have a 3/4 majority in both houses and still claim GOP obstruction.