Saturday, April 23, 2011

Make Believe Leader Travels to Land of Make Believe, Asks for More Money

Concerned about his plummeting poll numbers and the perception that he's losing touch with the average American, President Obama flew off to a series of fundraisers in California this week, culminating in a meeting with the blue collar John Q. Publics and workaday Joe Lunchpails of the obscure, low profile burgh of Beverly Hills.

Speaking in a tiny room of the Italian restaurant Tavern to a an audience of 60 that included Steven Spielberg, Will Ferrell, Tom Hanks and George Clooney, Obama said he understood frustration with his compromises with centrist Democrats and Republicans on healthcare, ending the Bush tax rates for the wealthy and other issues.

Over the past two and a half years, Obama said, he was sure there were times "where you're reading the papers or you're watching TV and you're saying, 'Ah, Obama, you know, why's he compromising with the Republicans?' Or 'Aw, why did healthcare take so long? and I want single-payer plan anyway.' "

Obama, who returns to Washington from California on Friday, has held a series of fundraisers in the Golden State over the past two days as he completes a week of barnstorming across the country that foreshadows the presidential campaign.

The president has spoken to liberal supporters in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Palo Alto whose continued support will be critical if Obama's campaign is to meet a goal of raising $1 billion in campaign funds for 2012.

A big part of Obama's message on the West Coast has been that the White House has accomplished much, but that the president needs another four years to continue his work.
Fresh after addressing the audience of average Joes in Beverly Hills that were directly feeling the sting of inflation and rising gas prices and just struggling to get by, President Obama returned to Washington D.C. where he sprang into action regarding the escalating conflict in Libya, deadly West Texas wildfires and devastating tornadoes in North Carolina and Missouri.

Oh no- wait....I take that back, he went and played a round of golf at Andrews AFB. Close enough.

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  1. The man has to have his priorities. Saving America doesn't seem to be on the first second or third page for him. Imagine the media's outrage if any other President was as out of touch as this buffoon.