Sunday, August 8, 2010

Connecticut State Police Release Warehouse Shooter's 911 Audio; Vigil Held in Manchester; Zero Discrimination Claims Against Hartford Distributors

Connecticut State Police last week released audio from a 911 call by a man identifying himself as the Hartford Distributors gunman, Omar Thornton.
In the beginning of the call, Thornton said, "I took it into my own hands and handled the problem. I wish I could have got more of the people."

In the call, Thornton sounds calm as he told police why he said he went on a shooting rampage inside the warehouse. "They treat me bad over here. They treat all black people bad over here," Thornton said.
Thornton also made similar claims in a final phone call to his family before offing himself. Since the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette saw it fit to point out how cop-killer Richard Poplawski (who, unfortunately is still among the living) voted McCain-Palin in the 2008 Presidential elections, then I think mentioning Omar Thornton's affinity and enthusiasm for President Obama is fair game as well.
Thornton [and his mother] were especially excited when Barack Obama was elected the first African American president, Hannah said. He listed Obama and the gun range among his interests on his Facebook page.
Meanwhile, the horribly racist and evil company that did bigoted things like hiring a black employee such as Thornton at the beginning of a substantial recession had exactly zero racial complaints filed against it in the past decade according to the US Equal Opportunity Employment Commission and Connecticut Commission on Human Rights. One black employee who retired from Hartford Distributors in March said he never experienced any sort of racial discrimination in his two decades of working for the company. A company spokesman noted that about 20% of Hartford Distributors workforce are minorities. [Of course, in wonderful Ultra Blue state liberal-land, any absence of evidence of discrimination against Thornton is somehow proof positive of systematic discrimination- NANESB!].

I will say this right here and now. The racism accusations are a very malicious, fucked-up and transparent attempt by Thornton's loved ones to try and deflect attention from the fact that he was caught red-handed stealing from his employer and subsequently murdered eight of his co-workers. Omar's skin pigment is not a 'get out of responsibility free' card.

Friends and family of the murdered were among 500 mourners who had gathered at Manchester's Center Springs Park for a candlelight vigil on Sunday. Local religious leaders began the vigil with a prayer and a violinist played Amazing Grace as hundreds of candles were lit by attendees. Manchester town manager Scott Shanley described the vigil as a 'pretty good end to an awful, awful week'.

In other developments, police in East Windsor CT arrested a 33 year old Enfield, CT woman identified as the person videotaped accepting stolen beer from Thornton. Christy Quail was charged with larceny for theft on Friday, according to E. Windsor police chief Edward DeMarco. The videotaped theft of beer was what led to Thornton's resignation immediately prior to his killing spree.

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