Saturday, April 30, 2011

Happy Bettie Page Day from Not Another New England Sports Blog!

*BUMPED 4/30- If the hippies continue to insist on monopolizing April 22nd as 'Earth Day', then perhaps April should simply be 'Bettie Page Month'*
Think of it as Good Friday and the original 'Bad Girl'.
So does the iconic raven-tressed pin-up have her own holiday yet? If not, then why the hell not? I for one think it would be a much more worthwhile holiday than Earth Day. Lord knows I can only stand so much sanctimonious focus group-tested drivel about how I should be 'living green' from a tax dodging, outsourcing corporation.
Uh-oh! Looks like Bettie needs bumper AAA
While probably relatively tame by today's standards, some of the photos of Bettie at the time were quite controversial and risque. Some of my all-time favorites are of Bettie at a tropical beach or safari park in a leopard print bikini snapped by Bunny Yeager- herself a model turned photographer.

As a bonus I thought I'd include a still of actress and model Gretchen Mol portraying Page in the 2006 film The Notorious Betty Page, Pretty good likeness, huh?


  1. Well my goodness, what a treat Fenway!! She was truly one of a kind and many of her photos are

  2. Every day should be Betty Page Day.