Friday, December 18, 2009

Backwards Misogynist Islamic Despots Behaving Badly- Iran Edition

Twitter, the social networking site that allowed protestors in Iran to communicate with the outside world during the post-election violence in Tehran this June, was hacked by a group calling itself the Iranian Cyber Army on Friday. Twitter readers were automatically redirected to a page that included a green flag with the name of the 3rd Shi'ite imam, Imam Huseyn, written in Arabic script.

The cyber-attack comes the same day that Iraq claimed 11 Iranian soldiers crossed into Iraqi territory and raised the Iranian flag at the Fakka oilfield. Iraqi Interior Minister claims that today's incursion was the most recent out of several this week.

This comes a few days after the ruling theocrats announced they would stage a show-trial for three American hikers detained by Iranian security forces at the Iran-Iraq border in July, a test of their newest long-range missile and about a week after security forces clashed with opposition demonstrators in Tehran once again.

The mullahs and Revolutionary Guard have been very busy little theocratic, despotic beavers this week- most likely because the world's attention is mostly diverted by the ongoing climate change farce in Copenhagen. Or perhaps they're that much closer to completion of their nuclear program [peaceful, of course! -NANESB!] and are trying to gauge the West's reaction to each provocation. Either that, or they no longer fear any sanctions from the West.

Now.....the million rial question for those of you who are gullible enough to believe that a nation sitting atop multiple lakes of oil needs nuclear energy: What makes you think the Iranian mullahs are going to be any better behanved once their nuclear program is up and running?

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