Friday, December 4, 2009

High Desert Hypocrasy- Rural Nevada Good Enough to Dump Nuclear Waste In, But Not Good Enough to Build Coal Fired Power Plant?

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While doing some background research about the Nevada Northern Railway the other night, I stumbled across this press release from NV Energy earlier this year regarding a proposed coal-fired power plant in rural eastern Nevada:

NV Energy, Inc. (NYSE: NVE) today announced that it has postponed its plans to construct a coal-fired power plant in eastern Nevada due to increasing environmental and economic uncertainties surrounding its development. The company will not move forward with construction of the coal plant until the technologies that will capture and store greenhouse gasses are commercially feasible, which is not likely before the end of the next decade.

If I understand this correctly, dumping copious amounts of nuclear waste at the DOE's Yucca Mountain site is perfectly fine and dandy, but a coal-fired power plant that would create jobs and serve the needs of people in Nevada and surrounding states is 100% unacceptable because of the carbon output.

What disconnect?

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  1. They don't want Yucca Mountain either. Obama and his henchman at the DOE are trying to get it shut down.