Wednesday, December 2, 2009

MSNBC's Chris Matthews: West Point 'Enemy Camp'

As I mentioned earlier, the MSNBC network is about as credible as certain Middle Eastern terrorist regime mouthpieces but truth be told, I thought some of these alleged journalists would be 'smart' about concealing their leftist bias.

Turns out I was wrong. They're nowhere as intelligent as I gave them credit for.

After discussing the rather lukewarm reception from the cadets during President Obama's tepid and way-too-long speech, Chris Matthews likens it to the president visiting 'the enemy camp'. For good measure, Matthews also decides to revisit the 'neo-con' boogeyman by discussing how Paul Wolfowitz to 'rabble rouse'. For the three or four MSNBC viewers who feel compelled to apologize for Matthews, explain to me how it was all 'taken out of context' or reassure me that my eyes and ears were lying to me, don't bother.

So not only is MSNBC just as reliable as Hezbollah's Al-Manar mouthpiece or Iran's PressTV, but apparently they feel they have a common enemy- the United States military.

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  1. Al Jazeerah is more credible than Matthews and his bunch at MSNBC