Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Former Congressman and New York City Mayoral Candidate Anthony Weiner Admits to Sending More Sexually Explicit Texts After Resignation

If you're a writer for one of the late-night TV talk shows, there's just not other way to put this: Anthony Weiner is simply the gift that keeps on giving.

It was two years ago that then-Congressman Anthony Weiner had resigned in disgrace after admitting to sending lewd photographs of himself to women on social networking sites like twitter and then lying about it to a media that seemed ready to give him the benefit of the doubt. The announcement took place shortly after conservative blogger and publisher Andrew Breitbart co-opted Weiner's press conference.

Since then, Weiner and his allies in the Democrat party who thought his political prospects could be salvaged began rehabilitating his image, with an emphasis on his wife- former Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin. His former District- NY-9- went Republican in a special election before it was redistricted out of existence. Less than two years later, Weiner's name kept coming up as a potential candidate for Mayor of New York- as though the original Weiner-gate had never taken place to begin with.

After a couple of fairly puffball interviews where Weiner contritely claimed he had learned his lesson and was going to a better husband and father from here on out, the Weiner for Mayor talk moved beyond punchlines and double entendre and into reality. However, the rollout of the Weiner for Mayor Campaign website was not without problems after Pittsburgh's skyline was used on the page instead of New York City's.

However, texts and images between Weiner and an unidentified woman surfaced this week on a tabloid blog called The Dirty. During a press conference on Tuesday, he admitted that not only were the pictures of him, but that the images and explicit texts were sent to the woman after his resignation and a number of sympathetic interviews where he swore he was a changed man.
The woman claims on the blog that she first started talking online with Weiner in July 2012 and it became intense by August 2012, when he offered to find a Chicago condo where they could meet up.

She also alleges that they had phone sex and that they exchanged nude photos of each other. She claims she received photos from Weiner of his penis sent from a Yahoo email account under the “Carlos Danger” name. The purported image was later posted on TheDirty.com.

Weiner released a written statement on Tuesday afternoon, which he read again at the press conference,admitting to additional raunchy conversations.
The unidentified woman, who approached The Dirty with Weiner's raunchy correspondence, said that the disgraced pol had offered her a job at Politico if she deleted the pictures and texts that he sent.

So far, Weiner has steadfastly maintained that he isn't dropping out of the mayoral race.

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