Saturday, July 6, 2013

South Korean Airliner Crashes on Approach to San Francisco International Airport

At least two people were killed Saturday afternoon when an Asiana 777 crashed on a runway at San Francisco International Airport. Eyewitnesses report that Seoul-San Francisco flight 214 was swaying back and forth and kicking up dust while attempting to land. The Boeing's tail also broke off during the crash landing before coming to a stop. Most of the flight's passengers were able to evacuate by way of the emergency chutes before the fuselage was consumed by fire.

Samsung executive David Eun was one of the surviving passengers and tweeted pictures of the wreckage from up close as first responders were closing in. The two fatalities were found outside of the plane and identified as Chinese nationals. It isn't known right away whether or not they were killed on the plane and somebody carried the bodies out or if they evacuated on their own but succumbed to their injuries outside the aircraft.

Boeing's 777 is considered fairly safe, although there have been a number of other lesser incidents involving the model that was introduced in 1994. In January 2008, a British Airways flight crash-landed just short of the runway at Heathrow International airport, injuring 47 of the 136 passengers. There were also two known incidents of fires while the planes were on the ground- a 2001 fire at Denver international airport when the plane was being refueled by a ground crew and a 2011 cabin fire at Cairo international airport.

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