Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Helen Thomas 'Retires'- No Word On Who Will Get Custody of Flying Monkeys


Dear NANESB! readers-

Please allow me to apologize in advance to have transitioned from Josephine Baker, Marylin Monroe and pixie-ish ice road trucker Lisa Kelly to this:

The mask slipped a little and what was underneath was even uglier.

Normally, I'm not one to take cheap shots at a 91 year old but this is Helen freakin' Thomas we're talking about. Rabbi David Nesenoff filmed this exchange with long-time White House correspondent Helen Thomas using a flip phone on May 27th during the White House's Jewish Heritage Celebration.

For the record, I think her telling the Israelis to "go back to Poland and Germany" was a fairly roundabout and indirect way of telling them to kindly get back in the ovens. The correspondent that's old enough to have her high-school yearbook signed by the Pharaoh somehow magically can't remember any Jews in the middle east prior to 1948?

Good riddance. Hell- this almost vindicates Ann Coulter's 2005 remarks dismissing Thomas as 'an old Arab' and asking 'What is it with Arabs and suicide?' when Thomas made a statement that she'd kill herself if then-VP Dick Cheney ran for president. I kinda attributed Helen's remarks to being an ornery old cuss as opposed to her ethnicity, but the snivelling, self-righteous indignation from hacks like Media Matters and others was fun to watch.

I think the only apparent downside of Thomas' departure is that present and future Jew-haters with press passes will be more cautious and try to preserve their perceived objectivity. Already, many activists use the figleaf phrase-that-pays of 'anti-Zionism'...almost as though The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion were an established fact. It's reared it's head with the ship of tools fools that tried running the Israeli navy blockade last week, and it shows up in incidents like photoshopping more smoke over the skies of Beirut during the 2006 Israeli-Hezbollah conflict or Reuters cropping knives out of the hands of jihadis activists in images of shipboard fighting between Israeli commandos and peaceful lovey-dovey activists who spontaneously fought back with knives and clubs.

And remember....the media is supposed to be controlled by the Jews Zionists, according to their narrative.

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