Monday, June 14, 2010

When Congresscritters Attack!!

Cameraman: Do you fully support the Obama Agenda?


The feral congresscirtter in question is Democrat Bob Etheridge from North Carolina's 2nd District, who was videotaped leaving a fundraiser for Nancy Pelosi. Etheridge belatedly issued an apology after the videos went viral, with many Democrats and media types saying it was 'suspicious' that two students in suits and with flip cameras would have the unmitigated audacity to ask a sitting Congressman whether or not he fully supports the president's agenda from a public sidewalk in the nation's capital. Of course, the same people who were lamenting the 'stalking' and 'ambushing' of a sitting Congressman circa 2010 had absolutely no problem with Micheal Moore using similar tactics against businessmen or politicians for his 'documentaries'. In fact, the Michigan Manatee was rewarded with an Oscar and a VIP suite at the 2004 Democrat National Convention before he descended into indefensible self-parody with his anti-capitalist paean last year.

Look- this could have been a setup from Karl Rove, Micheal Steele and zombie Strom Thurmond. This doesn't change the fact that instead of saying 'no comment' and walking away, Etheridge gets shovey, grabby and confrontational. Or are we only supposed to question our elected officials when they have an (R) next to their name?

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