Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mass Grave Discovered in Abandoned Mexico Silver Mine

Mexican authorities announced the discovery of between 20 and 25 corpses that were recovered from an abandoned silver mine outside the Mexican town of Taxco on Sunday. It is intially believed that the bodies accumulated over a indeterminate period of time and that they were killed in Mexico's spiralling narco-insurgency. Authorities in protective gear are searching the mine site for additional bodies after a suspect revealed their location. Taxco is located some 170km due south of Mexico City.

In better times, Taxco was known for its silver jewelry and Holy Week procession. The town's colonial architecture and mountainous setting in the state of Guerrero also made Taxco popular with both foreign and domestic visitors. Large-scale mining operations in the area have been scaled back recently, and the town of 39,000 became more dependent on tourism for the local economy [at least the legit economy].

Hmm.....you know what could solve the ongoing narco-insurgency in Mexico? Gun Control and amnesty for illegal aliens- on our side of the border, naturally. If you don't want to take my dripping sarcasm at face-value, ask Mexican President Felipe Calderon who apparently is 100% sincere.

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