Thursday, June 10, 2010

White House Pledges $400 Million in Aid to Hamas-Controlled Gaza

You know, just the other day I was lamenting the lack of American dollars flowing into hostile territories controlled by Islamic terrorist groups.

As it turns out, President Obama's got that covered.

The White House announced Wednesday an additional $400 million in assistance for housing, clean drinking water, school construction and business development in Gaza and the West Bank. [snip]
Obama called the funding a "down payment on the United States' commitment to Palestinians in Gaza, who deserve a better life and expanded opportunities and the chance to take part in building a viable, independent state of Palestine, together with those who live in the West Bank."
For those of you who don't already know, the terrorist group Hamas is in control of the Gaza strip. They won some local elections fair and square a few years ago, but once in power decided that the democratic process wasn't all it was cracked up to be and postponed all future elections. Of course, ex-president Jimmy Carter wanted to do something about that- namely urging the Obama Administration to remove Hamas from the list of terrorist organizations. Wonder how much TATP and Katusha rockets you can get with $400 million. If you think that money is going towards schools and clean water, I have this lovely bridge that goes to Brooklyn that can be yours for a negotiable fee.

Good thing there's no double-digit unemployment or skyrocketing national debt in this country, otherwise I'd think that sending hundreds of millions of dollars no questions asked to a belligerent terrorist entity might not be money well spent.

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