Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Right Wing Hatemongers Harass Speaker Pelosi at Speech

Vile, homophobic potential domestic terrorists- likely acting on direct orders from the Tea Party and Sarah Palin- shouted slogans and began throwing objects towards the general direction of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-San Franfreakshow) during a speech at the America's Future Now conference on Tuesday morning.

Oh...wait a second- those were liberal protesters shouting down Pelosi. Call off the frothy indignation brigades.
The protesters, wearing orange shirts and chanting "Our homes, not nursing homes," did not let up until Pelosi finished her address and left the stage with security guards. The protesters said they were members of ADAPT, an activist group that advocates for disability rights and is fighting for passage of the Community Choice Act
[I've already put imagery of Helen Thomas up this week- I won't subject you to one of Nancy Pelosi- NANESB!]

Gosh....weren't they listening when President Obama called for more civility in politics? Of course, this is coming from the President who's idea of bi-partisanship is to roll over like a spayed cocker spaniel while the Democrat supermajority rams through Cap and Trade, an overreaching bureaucratic nightmare disguised as healthcare 'reform' and a bogus $787 billion in kickbacks disguised as 'stimulus'.

Anybody to the right of Danny Ortega could show up at a tea party rally with a Gadsden flag or hand-made 'Taxed Enough Already' sign and be branded a know-nothing bigot and borderline fascist by our 'betters' in the mainstream media. But on the other hand, those same people in the media will simply say that uber-liberal activists are simply exercising their first amendment rights and so on...

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