Saturday, June 26, 2010

Douchebag Anarchists Behaving Badly- Stores Looted, Bank Windows Smashed and Police Vehicles Torched by 'Protestors' in Toronto

(Craig Robertson/Toronto Sun)
Wow...who didn't see this coming? The 'Rage Against my Allowance' set of anarchists went on a rampage in downtown Toronto, smashing windows, looting stores, throwing rocks, bricks and bottles at police and torching at least four police cars. The Toronto subway and GO transit lines into downtown Tornto were shut down and several downtown businesses and banks were trashed by the protestors.

Police arrested at least 130 demonstrators Saturday and officers in riot gear and on horseback moved to aggressively disperse crowds of stragglers clustered outside of Queen's park.

Knight's Watch should have an update and firsthand accounts of the riots by this time tomorrow.

(Reuters/Mark Blinch)

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