Friday, September 10, 2010

Original Navajo Code Talker Passes Away in Arizona

Allen Dale June, one of the first 29 Navajo Code Talkers in WWII, passed away at a Veteran's Assistance center in Prescott, AZ at the age of 91.

Saying that there was nothing to do on the 'rez', June joined the Marine Corps at age 16 after lying about his age to a recruiter.

The Code Talkers were used to send encrypted messages by transmitting and receiving them in their native Navajo language in the Pacific Theater. Throughout the course of the war, the Japanese were never able decipher the transmissions. According to June's widow, the Marine Corps Sargent participated in a number of battles and crossed the equator eight times, leapfrogging from island to island in the Pacific.

After the war, June got his master's degree and worked as an accountant. He leaves behind 10 children from three wives.

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