Thursday, September 2, 2010

In South America, A Bizzare Love Triangle With One Party 700m Underground

Trapped in a collapsed mine 700M below the surface?

Things could be worse- at least your wife hasn't found out that you're screwing around with that one chick from the training course at work a few years back....

What's that? She has....? Aw shit. to be you.

One of the 33 miners trapped in a Northern Chilean copper and gold mine is hoping the 4-month timeline for a possible rescue is actually a lowball estimate after his wife encountered his mistress at a vigil held by the families of the trapped workers.
Yonni Barrios' wife, Marta Salinas, and Barrios' lover, Susana Valenzuela, were both holding vigils for him outside the mine.

Salinas was stunned when she heard Valenzuela shouting his name amid a crowd of miners' loved ones.

Salinas, 56, is said to be "horrified". However, she is determined not to give up her man to her love rival.

She told friends: "Barrios is my husband. He loves me and I am his devoted wife. This woman has no legitimacy."

But Valenzuela said the 50-year-old miner, who she met on a training course five years ago, was planning to leave his wife for her.

She said: "We are in love. I'll wait for him."

Barrios has been one of the heroes of the landslide drama -- using his first-aid training to treat sick colleagues.

He also vaccinated all 33 men, including himself, against flu and pneumonia.
One has to wonder if Barrios is using anything taught at the training course he met Valenzuela at that could be applicable in his situation.

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