Wednesday, September 29, 2010

U.S., European Intelligence Uncover Mumbai-Style European Terror Plot

A plot reminiscent of the 2008 Mumbai Terrorist attacks where armed terrorists would simultaneously storm multiple landmarks across Europe and the UK was disrupted late Tuesday according to US Intelligence officials.

The plot included attacks on hotels frequented by Western tourists in London and hotels and landmarks in France and Germany that was described as 'advanced but not imminent'.

On Tuesday night, French police sealed off the area surrounding the Eiffel Tower after an anonymous bomb threat was called in to firefighters. French police and counterterrorism officials are already on heightened alert after lawmakers passed a ban on wearing burqas in public places earlier this month. The French National Police Chief said that Al Qaeda's North African branch is suspected of plotting to detonate bombs in crowded locations throughout France.

The Mumbai-style plot was believed to have been disrupted by repeated airstrikes from drones in Pakistan's nortwestern tribal areas and information provided by a suspect detained and Germany a few weeks ago. Some of the suspects are believed to be still at large in the UK.

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