Sunday, January 24, 2010

Northampton Arson Update- Court Documents Allege Suspect Sought to Establish Alibi By Text Messaging

Police serving a search warrant on 25 year old Northampton resident Andrew Baye earlier this month found five text messages sent from Baye's iPhone sent in a 10-minute span in an effort to fabricate an alibi on the night of the December 27th 2009 arson spree in the Western Massachusetts town. The fires allegedly set by Baye killed Paul Yeskie Sr, 81, and Paul Yeskie Jr, 39, just two days after Christmas.

Baye entered a 'not guilty' plea to two counts of murder and single counts of armed burglary and arson of a dwelling. According to affidavits, Baye was stopped twice by police in the vicinity of the fires in the early morning hours of December 27th. Northampton Police noted that Baye had a lighter in his pocket and was soaking wet (it had been raining that night) when he was taken into custody. A detective for the Northampton police said Baye appeared nervous and said he was visiting his girlfriend before changing his story under further questioning.

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