Thursday, January 28, 2010

State of the Union- Not Another New England Sports Blog's Highly Anticipated Reaction

Well, first and foremost, I posted yesterday that last night's State of the Union address was an opportunity for Obama to demonstrate what he's learned since the stunning Republican victory in Massachusetts last week. Apparently the answer was a resounding 'not a damn thing'.

Now, granted I came in and out of the speech- partly because it was being broadcast on my way home from work and partly because prolonged exposure to the sound of President Obama's voice could send me into a frothing, near-homicidal berserker frenzy. From what little I did catch, it sounded like he was trying to take credit for all those 'jobs saved', which is far more speculative and difficult to track than the very real and still-rising national unemployment rate. The most telling thing I heard last night was his willingness to try and cram through Cap and Trade.....which was followed by what sounded like hoots and guffaws when he mentioned the 'overwhelming scientific evidence' of global warming or climate change or whatever the latest spin is these days. Also, he doesn't seem willing to give up the fight over healthcare just because we the people who ultimately have to pay for it can't see what a brilliant idea it is or something.

I swear, if the Obama Administration drafted legislation that required every American regardless of age, gender or race had to get up at 4 in the morning and repeatedly smack themselves in the face with a ball-peen hammer and the Republicans wanted to block it, I remain convinced the Dem strategists would be on CNN and MSNBC shrieking their usual 'GOP is the party of No!' talking points at the top of their hysterical little lungs instead of discussing the merits of...well...getting up at 4 in the morning and repeatedly smashing oneself in the face with a ball-peen hammer [Think of all the hammer manufacturers that will be put out of work! -NANESB!].'s a thought. Maybe the GOP is obstructing passage of some of this legislation because it's really REALLY bad. Seriously, can anybody name me the upside of Card Check, Cap and Trade or a second stimulus?

Come to think of it, it's the Democrats who had, until last week, a seemingly unassailable supermajority in both houses where they could've hypothetically passed whatever they desired. To effectively block that would mean that a good number of Democrats would be in direct opposition to President Obama's agenda as well. Hmm....wonder how come that little factoid doesn't get much play on CNN or MSNBC?

So I'm not sure what I could've taken away from what sounded like yet another vacuous and lengthy campaign speech from the President. Did he even mention national security or terrorism last night? Giving foreign nationals detained by foreign intelligence or security services on foreign soil (Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, pick up the white courtesey phone) the same Constitutional rights as a 12 year old busted for stealing a pack of Yu-Gu-Oh cards from Wal Mart doesn't exactly smack of "tough on terrorism" to me.

Frankly, his taking more than a year to address the jobs situation and willingness to revisit cap and trade was about all I needed to hear.

More of the same, none of it good no matter how enthusiastic the spin.

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