Monday, January 18, 2010

Terrorists That Martha Coakley Says Aren't In Afghanistan Attack Targets in Kabul

Taliban Launches Brazen Attack on Afghan Capital:

KABUL — Taliban militants wearing explosives vests launched a brazen assault on the heart of Kabul today, as suicide bombings and gun battles near the presidential palace and other government buildings paralyzed the capital for hours. Afghan police and NATO troops managed to restore security after at least three blasts and machine-gunfire that echoed across the mountain-rimmed city. Given what might have been, the casualty toll was relatively low: 12 killed including seven attackers.

Look- I disagree with about 95% of President Obama's policies, but as far as I know, even he isn't naiive enough to think that Afghanistan is free of terrorists. Or is Martha Coakley simply going to re-brand Taliban suicide bombers that target US and NATO troops and Afghan civilians as 'freedom fighters'?

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