Saturday, January 23, 2010

Old Grey Lady Vs Voluptuous Blonde Who Plays Voluptuous Redhead on TV Update: NYT Runs Distorted Image of 'Big Girl' Christina Hendricks

(side by side images courtesey of Gothamist)

After being referred to as a 'big' girl by one of the NY Times style editors, the Times website ran with a distorted photo of Mad Men actress Christina Hendricks' appearence on the red carpet (giggity) prior to last weekend's Golden Globes (giggity).

The Old Grey Lady explained the gaffe as follows:

"The photo was slightly distorted inadvertently due to an error during routine processing. The photograph has been replaced."

Well, while not quite on the same scale as photoshopping additional smoke over the Beirut skyline during the Israeli-Hezbollah confilct of 2006, seems like a page out of the same playbook. Interesting that the distorted photo would be run accompanying the stylista's column trying to illustrate how 'big' she is.
This quote from the Gothamist was too good to pass up:
" ...this is the kind of top notch journalism you'll soon be asked pay more for!"
UPDATE: Gothamist has thoughtfully updated their article with a 'throbbing' Christina Hendricks image.


  1. Ya know, I even like the distorted photo. You cannot distort teh hawt!

  2. Wyatt Earp said...
    Ya know, I even like the distorted photo. You cannot distort teh hawt!

    True. I would not boot 'distorted' Christina Hendricks out of my distorted bed for eating distorted graham crackers.

    I'm not sure what else she would be doing in there....but still...