Sunday, January 17, 2010

Notorious Yankee Fan Curt Schilling Endorses Scott Brown; Draws Ire From Coakley Campaign

First off, I have to admit that it's getting increasingly difficult to parody Massachusetts AG Martha Coakley's Senate bid when her real-world campaign has made numerous gaffes in the last week or so.

Normally soft-spoken and reserved former teammate of Manny Ortez and infamous Yankee fan Curt Schilling has waded into the Massachusetts senate race and not only endorsed GOP candidate Scott Brown, but has started campaigning for him while writing several entries highly critical of Martha Coakley's campaign in his blog, 38 Pitches.

Although retired from baseball, Schilling still resides in Massachusetts and has started up 38Studios, an electronic entertainment and gaming company. Those of you who don't remember the Red Sox starting pitcher's bold proclimation that "I'm not sure I can think of any scenario more enjoyable than making 55,000 people from New York shut up." prior to the 2004 ALCS against the archrival New York Yankees and Game 6 of the series- sometimes known as the 'bloody sock' game- where the Schilling was the winning pitcher and the Red Sox had come back to tie the series 3 games each after being down 0-3, chances are you probably weren't alive yet!

In response, the Coakley campaign has fired back with a pair of devestating ads questioning Scott Brown's connections to the NY Yankees and former Red Sox 1st baseman Bill Buckner [feel free to KGB it if you want to know when he played- NANESB!].

[Hat Tips: 38Pitches; The Nose on Your Face]

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