Sunday, January 10, 2010

Stolen Valor: Phony Purple Heart Recepient Scams $1000 Worth of Parts and Repairs From Vermont Auto Shops

The Bennington Banner has more:

Less than a week after pleading guilty to impersonating a public officer, Simon George, 26, walked into Vianor on Putney Road and told a hard-luck story of being wounded in Afghanistan and having no money to pay for repairs to his truck before being redeployed.

The story was not true.

"He lied," said Gary Yake, Vianor store manager, about George’s visit to his auto repair shop just a few days before Christmas. "If he comes around here, there are three guys that would like to settle the score with him."

Army records indicate that George enlisted in September 2007 and underwent training as a cavalry scout at Ft Knox, KY. However, there are no records of him deploying to Iraq or Afghanistan let alone receiving any combat citations.

George allegedly told Yake, Lozeau and Meyer that he had served two tours in Iraq and one tour in Afghanistan.

A typical tour of duty overseas is 12 months long, with 12 months stateside in-between tours, said Wright, which makes it highly unlikely that George was telling the truth because of his enlistment date.

George has a court date of January 19 for separate charges of impersonating a public official. Court documents in that case allege that he identified himself to a Wilmington, VT woman as an undercover state narcotics officer.

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