Friday, January 22, 2010

Dead Air America: Anti-Capitalist Liberal Radio Network Goes Bankrupt

Guess they ran out of funds from inner-city Boy and Girls clubs to help keep them afloat.

This week just keeps getting better and better. First the election results in Massachusetts on Tuesday, and I get word of this the other day:

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Air America, a politically liberal talk-radio network, said on Thursday it would cease operations and file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection to begin an orderly wind down of its business.

So a liberal media enterprise that caters to other liberals has no idea how to run a business or get any advertisers on board? Color me shocked.

I tried listening a couple of times and I can say without a doubt that going bankrupt and shutting down will undoubtedly be the high point of Air America's 5 years of existence.

Considering that conservatism in America was all but dead and buried according to Air America and their ideologically-aligned counterparts in the mainstream media this time last year, I'd say that the purportedly dead and buried American right is having a pretty good week.

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