Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Keith Olbermann- CIA Witheld Information On Nigerian Panty-Bomber to Embarass Obama

The most useless host on the most useless of networks puts forward the theory that president Obama isn't the least bit inept or unqualified on national security, the CIA is just setting it up so that he appears that way. Seriously.

Maybe he's onto something- I mean this could be the tip of the iceberg. Not only were so many red flags missed prior to Major Hasan's shooting spree at Fort Hood, but Obama botched the White House reaction with two minutes worth of informal 'shout outs' before going on a teleprompter-guided platitude laden speech about how it was too early to jump to any conclusions. I'll just bet the CIA withheld information that at least a dozen unarmed American soldiers getting ready to deploy were murdered by a muslim US Army officer that day. What other explanation could there be?

And speaking of Obama and jumping to conclusions, I bet the CIA withheld information about the circumstances of Harvard Professor Henry Gates detention by the Cambridge PD last summer. I mean, how else could you explain such an eloquent and articulate public speaker stepping in such a steaming cowpie when he admitted he didn't have all the facts (you know....because the CIA withheld them, apparently).

I think there is ample proof that this nefarious CIA tactic has seeped into the media as well. I have evidence that Keith Olbermann is a worthless tool, and if any old run-of-the-mill blogger can come up with that kind of information, then I imagine the CIA already is aware of this. Yet the agency repeatedly lets this Olbermann shill go out on live TV and embarrass himself in front of his dozen or so viewers each night. This is the most insidious plot of them all- they know that Olbermann is a worthless bloviating tool, yet allow him to go out there each night and make an ass of himself. Why is the Central Intelligence Agency withholding this information from Mr (I'm guessing) Olbermann?

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  1. Olberman, Joe Biden, Janet Napolitano, boy did we sure dodge a bullet by not electing Caribou Barbie. These people are ridiculous and I hope Scott Brown wins Kennedy's seat on the 19th so the O's can feel the beat down coming in November.