Friday, January 8, 2010

Stuff that Happened While I was Away From the Computer

I probably should've done this a little sooner, since (sports-related or otherwise) the news doesn't take a week off from happening while I'm away visiting relatives and friends for Christmastime. Quite the contrary- not to mention I think it would look a little odd to comment on certain events well after the fact when they don't seem to be mentioned on this blog in the first place. So without any further adieu, here goes:

December 24, 2009- Congress crams through a multitrillion dollar entitlement program [whose details are still being hammered out as I type this] in the guise of 'healthcare reform' as a Christmas present to the American taxpayer. Never one to lose his touch with the average American, President 0bama vows not to jet off to his Hawaiian villa for Christmas until the steaming pile of fecal matter he seems bound and determined to take credit for is passed. Curiously, networks like CNN, ABC and MSNBC spin this as a victory for 0bama, but fail to mention or explain how this 'healthcare reform' legislation is a victory for the average American.

December 25, 2009- A 23 year old Nigerian national by the name of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab travelling on Northwest Airlines flight 253 from Amsterdam to Detroit unsuccessfully attempts to ignite a cache of PETN explosives concealed in his underwear on approach to Detroit, earning him the nickname of 'Thunder Thighs', 'The Panty Bomber' and 'Fruit of KaBoom'. Abdulmutallab's father, a Nigerian banker, warned the US embassy of his son falling increasingly under the influence of radical Islamist imams and possibly sneaking into Yemen to train as a jihadist. Homeland Security secretary Janet Napolitano, taking a break from writing vague and ominous DHS briefings about American veterans, gun owners and anti-abortion activists, appears on NBC news to reassure Americans that 'the system worked'. Except for the part about the guy with ties to radical Islamists whose own father warned the US Embassy sneaking explosives onto a US-bound flight and only being discovered when the tried detonating the explosives....but aside from that the system worked flawlessly. Just like the DOD did a bang-up job detecting Major Hasan's jihadist tendencies prior to his Ft. Hood murder spree.

December 29, 2009- free agent outfielder Jason Bay apparently grows weary of playing October baseball and signs a 4-year $66 Million contract with the NY Mets.

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